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We offer a wide variety of resources, courses and masterclasses to help you build your young moguls brand.

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We have over 2,000 of the dopest Parent Mangers on the planet in one community. Join for daily inspiration, free training and a safe place to connect. Get to know those new on the journey to those that are masters in their niche.

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For the Serious Parent Manger. Those ready to level up quickly through our signature Young Mogul Brand Building Process called The RAM Effect. We would with small groups of parents that . are ready to Launch, Scale & Profit.

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The Raising A Mogul

is the place where empires are built!

We are moms who have helped our children build and grow million dollar brands. There was serious gap in the business coaching, consulting and support world when is comes to parents understanding what it truly take to raising a mogul, launch a business and grow the same without sacrificing your family values. We are filling that void. We believe that entrepreneurship is a valuable right and an instrument in creating wealth and being change-makers within the community. The global vision of Raising A Mogul, is to help parents, guardians, and youth mentors help build world-class, state of the art young mogul led businesses, brands and thought leaders that impact their community, while leaving legacies. 

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There are several ways to work with our team. We offer our flagship membership program, monthly masterclasses and group coach programs for those ready to dominate their niche sooner than later.

The Young Mogul Brand Strategy Lab

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Raising A Mogul Society Membership

"The society is not just a group but a support system. It's​ hard enough as a single parent raising an exceptional child in an environment that thinks you're forcing your kidpreneur. The society allows my child to see she's not weird or abnormal and show's me that I am not crazy for supporting my kid's talents. It's a place to laugh, cry, support, understand and navigate the sometimes overwhelming world of being a momager."

Arthia Nixon
Award Winning Author, Journalist & Parent Manager

"The support and openness of this Society is unmatched. You won't find in one place, a group of people who will present opportunities, walk you through seizing the opportunity and cheer you on while you shine in your moment."

Terri King Hunt
Master Educator, Writer & Parent Manager

"“The lab has slowed us down and for good reason. We are focusing on getting it right and not so much on throwing stuff out there. No longer are we focused on getting in the spotlight but we are making calculated moves to become well known in the community.” "

Hilda Alexander
Digital Branding Expert & Parent Manager, Sweet Christi’s

"“I would say that I now have a clear vision for our brand. We have taken clear, purposeful and actionable steps towards achieving this vision. One thing that has been a key for me is my mindset shift. I am not alone. I am a part of an amazing and supportive community that understands the challenges of entrepreneurship. A group that cares and genuinely supports me along every step of my journey. “"

Patrice Hopkins
Girls Confident Coach & Parent Manager

"“The lab has been a continuous brainstorming session like no other! It gives back the gift of time because we can drop a question about what we're working on and get almost immediate feedback from somebody who is working just as hard as yourself. Through the time in the lab, we have become more clear with Kemery Kreates messaging to customers.”"

Kia Oparah
Education Expert, Parent Manager & COO, Kemery Kreates

"“Wow! Focus, accountability, support, correction, feedback, mindset name it” "

Dr. Sheva Quinn
Owner of Ziggy & Tootie Cakes and The Business Bakery

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